June 28, 2011
While Matthew and I don't own a TV, we're aware of Chopped thanks to my sis in law Beth. A break from those screaming-chef reality shows and the Let's-hit-up-the-frozen-foods-section soccer mom cooking shows - Chopped is pretty imaginative. The judges reveal 5 random ingredients and the contestants have 40 minutes to create something masterful. (They also have access to a never ending pantry, pro kitchens/tools/cookware/etc.  which makes me giddy.) Cheetos, cotton candy, sardines, pralines, celery root, and other oddities are offered up to crazy good chefs and at the end the judges rate them on creativity, use of ingredients, taste, and presentation.

 Last night Beth and Matthew presented me with a paper bag filled with 5 ingredients and I was given an hour to create something a.) masterful and b.) edible. It was so much fun! So now on to the ingredients...

Ground Beef
Dried Apricots

As soon as I laid my eyes on these ingredients, my wheels started turning. And in the end, I ended up going with my initial thoughts...which ended up as:

Vegetable Meatloaf with an Apricot Tomato Glaze 
Polenta with smoked brie, honey drizzle and thyme
Salad from the garden, with julienned cucumbers, strawberries and a blueberry vinaigrette

I can't wait for next week! :)

Hi Dad, It's Me, Jessica

June 19, 2011
I can't believe it's been over three years without my Dad - but I'm so thankful for the daily reminders of his love, hilarity, and singularly unique personality.
Happy Father's Day Dad! 
We miss you terribly. 
We'll head to Big Lots and buy something in your honor. :)


June 17, 2011
Lots of happenings in June...

 I turned 26! It was great. Reassessed my 30 Before Thirty, celebrated with Matthew and Bethany, received the perfect Juicer from Kathy (this bad boy requires a post dedicated entirely to it's magical properties) and...moved lots of boxes. Which leads me to...

 We moved! We rented a Uhaul and transitioned the two blocks down the street to our new little nest. I could write pages about our new place, but to make a long story short - I'm in love. Tons of natural light, clean crisp paint, and drumroll please....a kitchen that is literally 4 times larger than our previous tiny galley!

In other news, business is booming - both La Lune Events and my personal design work, Roy Joy Design have got our summer packed!  I am SO thankful that Bethany is living with us - she has a crazy impressive memory and her organizational skills are stellar. :) I keep joking that it's like living with a personal assistant...but really, she's amazing.

Now it's just 3 weddings and a few projects that stand between us and our family trip to Maine...counting down the days! Happy summertime, friends. :)

home is where you are

June 3, 2011
Beth is WAY excited about the new house.
A couple weeks ago, Matthew and I were enjoying a Saturday morning of Farmer's Market, Doma coffee, and garage sales - completely unaware that our immediate futures would be changed dramatically. On the way home I spotted a sweet white house with a FOR RENT sign out front - and nearly caused a traffic accident by my abrupt stop. I hopped out of the car, and in true Kathy form, went right up to the man painting the front porch and decided that we should be great friends. Okay, well I really wanted to find out about the rental, but making friends is a bonus. Long story short - while we were not really planning on moving again while here in Spokane, we are now packing up our belongings and moving in this week! We love our new street, the location (we're closer to the park and Rockwood Bakery, so clearly I'm pleased - yet still down the street from where our beloved Trader Joe's is being built) and most of all, we really, really love the house. It's been beautifully cared for, and the wood floors, molding, carpets, closets, big kitchen!, and roomy basement are just the perfect size and condition for our little family. So while it's still empty right now, here are some pictures of our new place:

Kitchen, with hubs.

Sweet little bathroom - LOVE the light fixtures!

LOVE the front porch!

There and Back Again

June 2, 2011
 Wow. It's almost too difficult to describe our fabulous foray to the Big Apple. While at times is was complicated traveling with a group, I am so thankful for the opportunity to be swept away to the city. We got to spend time with our dear friends Laura, Whitney, and Mike - friends from High School and College - and we left our time feeling encouraged, inspired, and absolutely joyful.

A windy Chelsea afternoon.
Magnolia Bakery cupcakes....yummers.
MR and Laura enjoying some Central Park hotdogs.
Laura's Brooklyn apartment.
Dinner with friends!