Back in Black

March 28, 2011
 We're back! Stories, pictures, and general merriment to come soon. Right now we're trying to focus on getting back into the swing of things, ridding our house of the mice that decided to move in whilst we were away, getting over sickness, and uploading all the pictures. 
But soon, friends, very soon... :)

I'm off! Now read these.

March 10, 2011
 Bag is packed, pup will soon be frolicking with friends, house cleaned, papers in order, and excitement at threat-level-midnight. Tonight we have MR's end of quarter concert where the choir is performing an original composition  written and directed by MR himself! 
I'm going to film it, don't you worry. 

The last thing to do: leave you with some fun reading while I'm gone. I won't be posting from our trip, one because I don't want to be tied to a computer and two, because I really don't want to be tied to a computer. So instead of pre-scheduling guest posts, etc. like cool bloggers, I'm leaving you with some of my favorite reading to peruse at your leisure.

If design and pretty things float your boat : IHOD, Pugly Pixel

For food, farm, health, and more pretty things: Small Measures, Daily Garnish, Adrienne Eats

For parties, pretties, and more food: EAT DRINK PRETTY
For ridiculously adorable cute blonde toddler named Landon: Two Cent Sparrow

For fashionistas, this is a great site: Uber Chic for Cheap

There are about a thousand more that I love and read daily, but the pup is whining for me to play with him and it's time for me to leave. 

We'll see you at the end of the month with lots of stories, pictures and happy memories. 
Bon Voyage!

Fat Tuesday

March 8, 2011

More snow. 
Last work meeting.
Clothes packing.
Important paper printing.
Puppy playing.
Homemade pizza making.
So excited for our trip - I can barely stand it!

I had such a lovely meeting with some folks in the wedding industry this morning. It's been great to connect with other business owners who think the same way you do - and bring plenty of knew perspective and experiences to the table. It makes me happy and excited to be doing what I'm doing!
And this made me laugh a lot. :) I have SO been there!

Happy Fat Tuesday everyone!

For the Man of the Hour

March 7, 2011

 Today I am celebrating the love of my life. 

He is the
most hilarious
man that I have ever known. 
Thanks Matthew for being my fellow adventurer!
Life would be dull and gray without you. :)

Hello Friday, I love you

March 4, 2011
Good old Cesky Krumlov, VIA
Happy Friday everyone! I am beyond thrilled that this week is over. How about you? :)

T Minus 6 days until we leave for our big trip and I'm finally feeling a bit more settled with our plans. (Cutting it kind of close, right?) We've found an apartment in Vienna so that's a major load off my shoulders. Thanks again for the outpouring of Vienna/Europe related info and suggestions - I really appreciate it!

This weekend would normally be spent packing, getting last minute supplies, etc. but as I am a crazy person this is what is currently on the schedule:

Friday: Meetings, work related errands
Saturday: All day photo shoot with the fabulous Suwanee and  Lindsey Rose Makeup.
Sunday: Continue covert Birthday planning operations for my sweetie - trust me, this is an all day job!

So there you have it. Come Monday I will be celebrating MR's birthday, shopping for last minute items, agonizing over what shoes to bring, and making sure we have all our travel papers, etc. together. MR keeps telling me that we need to be in work mode now, but then come Friday we can be as fancy free as we like!

I hope you have a restful and joyful weekend friends!

Hot chocolate on a stick

March 2, 2011
Yes, I know that yesterday's post was about chocolate too.  Can you tell that I'm having a stressful week? 

I'm writing some pieces for Foodzie and this company is one that I'm profiling - Ticket Kitchen. They make incredible Hot Chocolate on a Stick - and their descriptions alone make me want to throw down my computer and make a cuppa immediately. And what a great concept for a baby shower or winter gathering - a hot chocolate bar for guests. Yum.

And their pictures are dreamy too...perhaps when I'm in San Francisco next month I'll stop by and buy myself a bucket load. For now, join me in enjoying their photos. 

 UPDATE: I found the owner's blog where she outlines how to MAKE these beauties....Try it out!


Husband Friendly Chocolate {Tofu} Mousse

March 1, 2011
My senior year in college I lived with a girl who was an honest-to-goodness Earth Mama. I learned a lot from her about all eco and earth related things, vegetarian cooking, and one very delicious Chocolate Mousse recipe. Well I use the term "recipe" lightly in that all I remember was a few ingredients, and what I think was the process. 

What I do remember is how absolutely delicious is was - chocolatey, light, and  much healthier
than it's cream and eggs cousin. 
Bonus: it even fooled my tofu-conscious husband.

Husband Friendly Chocolate (Tofu) Mousse

10 ounces good quality dark chocolate (or milk, semi-sweet based on your preference)
1/2 Almond Milk
 12 oz. package of Silken Tofu
1 tsp Extract - I used Almond, but you could use Vanilla, etc. 

Melt chocolate over a double boiler. 
Heat milk in microwave for 30 seconds or so. 
Combine tofu, chocolate and extract in food processor (or blender).
Add milk and process until fabulously smooth. 

Chill mousse for at least 1 hour and then serve to husband or other tofu-sensitive folk. 
Watch as they enjoy  it immensely. 
Giggle to got them to like tofu. :)