December 13, 2011

After last week's antics, Matthew and I decided a little getaway to Seattle was in order. Thankfully our dear friend Amanda was just finishing her end-of-quarter craziness (she's in an amazing business/food/changing-the-world Master's program) so all three of us were able to take a collective breath and just relax.  We started off the trip with a lovely Christmas party and their adorable little yellow house.

Food, frivolity, friends, laughter - just what the doctor ordered.

We finished up our Christmas shopping, made an Ikea trip, tried out a new Ethiopian place, and laughed like crazy. I can't explain how restoring it was - having meaningful conversations with a good friend, feeling uplifted and energized...it was great. And exactly what I needed. Thank you Amanda!

Have a happy, festive week! :) 

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