Celebration & Transition

December 27, 2011
Operation Stay At Home for Christmas was a shining success! I won't deny experiencing moments of doubt, like say when we were Face Timing with family in Altadena or when Anna texted me a picture of all the siblings together.

( Moment of panic: how can we do this, be all alone up here in the snowy dark place that is Spokane?! We should be in sunny California! )

But in the end, it was such a lovely holiday. We relaxed, opened gifts, watched movies, went on quick family walks (it's freezing!) and enjoyed some really delicious meals. We were able to work on things that needed working on - for Matthew this meant reading a few books he's been wanting to read, for me it meant blog redesign (do you like?) and other design work that's been waiting for me during these past few busy weeks.

Truth is, I am so amped for the new year. I have a million things swirling in my brain. So many good things - so many changes that are waiting in the wings for the right time. I can't wait for 2012!

 My immediate attention is brought to deep cleaning our house - because Kathy is coming to visit soon! She'll be here for a few days the first week of January, and I'm excited to show her all the, um, well all the great.....things.....about....Spokane....Okay, I'm excited to see her and hang out nonetheless.

So for now, it's back to reality. Does this mean I have to change out of my pajamas now?

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