Snow DAY

November 19, 2011

Today we planned on taking our Christmas pictures, but alas the snow had other plans. Although you can't tell in the photos, it POURED snow all day long. We barely made it to the auto parts store for a new ice scraper and windshield wiper fluid (the essentials), and celebrated our feat by eating curry so spicy our faces nearly burned off. Worth it. 

We then came back to shovel our bit of sidewalk and play with Numi in the snow. Our yard was a beautiful smooth landscape until Numi decided to go ape crazy. It now looks like a war zone. No worries, apparently we're supposed to get loads more of the white stuff over the next few days, so we'll be alright. 

So cold, but so fun!

1 said something:

  1. Some day we'll learn not to get two-star curry! Hopefully we can make a snowman in the side yard this year.



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