We left out hearts in SF

November 15, 2011

Right now I have a furry black pup snoring next to me, a cup of steaming tea and a few snow flurries fluttering around outside. (And the stomach flu, but that's not really worth getting into.) We are back from San Francisco! It was such a great trip. Our main reason for heading south was so that Matthew could attend the American Musicological Society's annual conference, but major bonuses included a whole day with my dear friends Katie and Dante, and of course belatedly celebrating Kathy's 50th birthday!

The sunshine was breathtaking. The bay was beautiful. The botanical gardens, local foodie cuisine, seeing family, going shopping with Katie - all were just what the doctor ordered. (Perhaps that's why I've got the flu now...good thing we're headed back in a week!) We stayed with my Aunt and Uncle in the city - they live at the top of Castro street, just on the edge of Noe Valley in an old Victorian with very steep stairs. Very steep. I'm happy to report that I have not yet broken any bones falling down, down, down those stairs.

My Aunt keeps a botanical wonderland behind their house where their three cats roam and hunt. Every time we visit a new part of the yard has been polished - new brick patio, new benches, new plants - and the ever flourishing worm/compost bin never disappoints. Cat Man, Snowy and Cantaloupe are always a source of entertainment with their antics and food preferences. (Cat Man didn't really want to hang out with me until I fed him a large plate of organic cat food. Yeah, he's particular.)

We made waffles, read Calvin & Hobbes in their big front bay window, went to the SF Botanical Garden plant sale (to add more loveliness to the backyard), cruised Fabrics stores for upholstery fabric (projects about; it's a family trait) and had a few iPad training sessions with Kath. Her siblings got her an iPad to bring her into the current technological era and we played with it all weekend. I made sure to add the essentials (Pinterest App, Instagram App, etc.) but she's already got it down. So proud!

Matthew rocked the conference. He was able to reconnect with professors from his undergrad days, meet a ton of new people and get a better understanding of what he's looking for in a PhD program. It was so cool to see my brilliant husband out there networking with other musicologists from all over the world. While we had originally discounted UCLA as an option, we're now adding back on the list after Matthew had an amazing conversation with a visiting professor. Right now we've applied to Columbia, UW, UC Berkeley, UCSB and UCLA. All should be said and done by April 1st - we are excited about what lies ahead for us!

I took a ton of pictures. The sun was out - I couldn't help myself. But that's for another day. :)

Now it's time to crush the stomach flu in my mind vise a la Jack Donaghy.

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  1. Such beautiful pictures. Sounds like you had a wonderful time :)