Goodbye, Hello

November 18, 2011

This past week when we were in San Francisco my family kept apologizing for the one day of horrible weather. You know, like rain and scattered clouds. We couldn't see all of the bay. I caught Kathy wearing long underwear in 50 degree weather. (I am serious.) Needless to say, we suffered.

Matthew and I soaked up the sun and enjoyed the full fledged fall time weather while it lasted. Here in Spokane it started snowing this morning and hasn't stopped since. Our picturesque morning walks along long fiery colored streets have been replaced by white everywhere. No more leaves, no more filtered sunlight - yes, we have officially bid adieu to Fall and been well introduced to Winter.

I'm really okay with it. Is that because we're headed back to sunny California in a few days for Thanksgiving? Perhaps. But truly, this time of year is my favorite. Matthew and I will be celebrating our first Christmas alone (i.e. just us and the pup instead of flying down to our massive family) and I have a feeling that getting our tree, decorating, ice skating, and all Holiday related activities will have new meaning. My mom is famous for hand stitching us big red stockings, and this year I'm trying my hand at making Matthew his very own. We'll see how it goes...depending on what it looks like, his may just read MR. :)

So goodbye Fall - you were beautiful and I loved you very much.

Hello Winter - you are very cold but I'll bundle up so we can spend some time together.

(Sidenote: If you're not listening to She & Him's Christmas Album, you're missing out. I can't stop listening to it.)

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