Our mutinous fellow passengers at the fabulous Spokane Int’l Airport. Oh, what a crowd. I’m currently perched on a high top table in Portland’s very clean but dreary airport, watching all the travelers go by and every few minutes renewing my thanks that I’m not actually outside in Portland, as it looks like a swampy […]

SF Love

Nov 20, 2011

Goodbye, Hello

Nov 19, 2011

This past week when we were in San Francisco my family kept apologizing for the one day of horrible weather. You know, like rain and scattered clouds. We couldn’t see all of the bay. I caught Kathy wearing long underwear in 50 degree weather. (I am serious.) Needless to say, we suffered. Matthew and I […]

Right now I have a furry black pup snoring next to me, a cup of steaming tea and a few snow flurries fluttering around outside. (And the stomach flu, but that’s not really worth getting into.) We are back from San Francisco! It was such a great trip. Our main reason for heading south was […]