The Roys

October 14, 2011
Awhile ago my sister in law asked me to design her some family values artwork, and today I was inspired to make something similar for Matthew and I. 

This piece is more about classic Roy things than family values per say, but I love that looking that this so wholeheartedly reminds me of us and our little family unit.

Post Update: I've had a few people inquire about custom pieces for their own families - please email me at if you are interested. :) 


  1. I absolutely LOVE this! I might be putting in an order myself :)

  2. Yes please! Just send me over some fun Hosking things and it is yours! :)

  3. Can you please find me a boy to date/marry so that I can then ask you to make us one of these? :)

  4. I'm on it. I'll keep you apprised. :)