Growing Up

September 27, 2011

In our recent purging extravaganza, we came upon one of Matthew's boxes of childhood treasures and unearthed this little guy: Mr. Foxy. Matthew loved this puppet when he was little. There are sweet pictures of his parents playing with the boys with Mr. Foxy, and we've decided to hold on to it - at least until we have little ones of our own.

When asked about his favorite Mr. Foxy memory, Matthew excitedly relayed this little gem:  

Mom, Nathan and I were on a train trip up to Klammath Falls to visit Aunt Louise. Of course, I had Mr. Foxy. The whole way there I story-boarded The Adventures of Mr. Foxy and Bunny - it was an action packed adventure where they rode horses during medieval times and stormed castles. It was awesome. I was six.

I was inspired to dig out my box of childhood treasures (well, boxes really) and reminisce about the late 80's/early 90's too. It was great - childhood books, games, pictures of my favorite outfits (too horrifying to even describe) and general memorabilia.

In a similar vein, a fellow Westmont grad started a fabulous site/show for folks our age called All Groan Up.  He has interesting articles about how our generation is growing up...the good things, the bad things, the hilarious things. (I can't wait to get his book - check him out!)

Anyway, I'm always transported back to the days of Alex Mack, slap bracelets, knee socks, and Salute Your Shorts whenever I read his posts on our generation's favorite childhood things. Some personal favorites...

  • Hair Wraps
  • Klutz Face Painting Books
  • Oregon Trail, and the lesser known but still amazing Amazon Trail
  • Skip-It
  • SEGA
  • Pepsi Points 
  • Nickelodeon 

More flashback magic: Paul has a hilarious rundown of the best commercials from our growing up...doesn't it bring you back? Bubble Tape!?

What were your favorites?

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