Good Times Ahead

August 11, 2011

Picnic food! Yum.
 Lately I've fallen into a blogging slump. So naturally I've spent most of my time online devouring other folk's fabulous summertime advice, ideas, and general loveliness. Here are some current favorites...

The Beauty Department: Thanks to the ever fabulous Anna over at IHOD, I've now become addicted to this site.

Daily Garnish: It may be due to the fact that I am over the moon baby crazy right now, but I love Emily's pregnancy accounts and stories. I've followed her blog for a long time - long before she had a bun in the oven - and I love her recipes and thoughts on overall health.

Young House Love: As a young person loving my house, I always turn to this site for inspiration, DIY and stories from the trenches.

Adrienne Eats: Killer recipes, beautiful photography.

After this weekend we've got a bit of a break from events, so I'll share some fun stuff I've been working on. Enjoy your Thursday! :)

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  1. A while ago you asked about what food blogs your readers follow, and there are two I read regularly that I thought you might enjoy. I am guessing you already know about this one: Her recipes seem to be in the same family of things you like to make. The other one you might not know about is: Some of her flavor combinations are very interesting. I haven't tried very many new recipes lately, but some Susan V's look like something I want to try eventually.



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