A Drop of Sun

August 17, 2011

A favorite from Maine - Kyra flying into the air on a very sunny afternoon.
It's one of those Summer evenings when people just can't seem to go inside - the sun is shining brightly and just the right amount of warm, the lake is sparkling and demanding to be swam in, and I'm enjoying the downtown commotion while waiting for Matthew to be done music directing at a local theater.

As I write, I am surrounded by the tattooed youth of Coeur d'Alene in a downtown coffee shop called Java. I love it's random crowd, indie music and seriously good coffee. It's strangely relaxing to be sitting in the middle of so much activity - especially when I've got a mountain of design work in front of me and big things on my mind.

We have some big things in our future. Applying to more Graduate schools. Starting our family. The start of new ventures, the ending of others. Sometimes I wish I could just sit still and hold onto Summer nights like this one - and just pause

When I do, I think about the lovely things that have been happening lately and I just feel so happy.

 Hanging out and celebrating the birthday of this girl. I love her! Nothing says happy birthday like gluten free cake and croquet. :)

We've had some amazing events this past month. Really honest to goodness awesome people who love beautiful things. Sigh....I love my job. Speaking of my job - have you entered our mega sweet Photoshoot giveaway on our blog? Check it.

 Speaking of our giveway, our lovely friend Becca of Rebecca Hollis Photography took some photos of us, the ladies of La Lune Events, for some new ventures that we'll be starting soon. Stay tuned...

And finally, today I'm thinking about my dear adoptive Mom Kathy - she begins yet another school year as the principal of Cobblestone Elementary School in Rocklin, CA. I couldn't be more proud of her! She is not only a kickass administrator, she really does care about her job. 
Kath, we love you!

I've done enough procrastinating reflecting on beautiful things now - it's off to get some work done. I hope your evening is as sunny as mine - in all ways that matter.

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