I love you

Aug 20, 2011

First attempt at Letterpress. Hello, new obsession. 

The blog world can feel like a family, especially on days like today. Today I made a peanut butter pie for Mikey. When I first read about Jennifer Perillo’s loss of her husband, I felt sick. I do not know Jennifer or her family, aside from reading her blog, but her loss is felt everywhere. […]

Start out by roasting your mallow to perfection. We did this over a burner on the stove…very classy. Spread peanut butter on half a graham cracker – top with freshly roasted marshmallow. Next comes the chocolate chips and banana slices… Devour the monstrosity. Thank you America for coming up with weirdo National days of celebration. […]

Too tired to tell you the grand old story right now, so here’s a taste of our trip…more to come!