Summertime Happenings

July 8, 2011
This is a gem from our recent wedding - I am so grateful for such an amazing events staff! (Emily, Megan, Bethany and Matthew.) And there's that random drunk person that crashed our cute couple pictures....both times. Not so grateful for her.

Summertime has been lovely, so far. With our first wedding of the summer under our belts, we're gearing up for the next two this month...and then! MAINE. Can't wait. :)

I'd love to write long, wonderfully interesting blog posts, but honestly - there is so much Summertime calling my name, it's hard to sit down at the computer and share it all. For now - some pretty pictures.


Homemade cupcakes...yum.
Look at those siblings.
Homemade cinnamon peach hand pies.

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