Summer Jamming

July 13, 2011

Giddy with my recent abundance of cherries, I decided Jamming was on the day's schedule. I  rounded up some amazing strawberries and plums to make it a party, and spent a few hours creating a ton of jam. Yum! Nothing beats waking up to feet of snow and opening up a jar of honey peach halves or summer fruit jam. It really helps get you through those tough winter months. 

MR decided to join the fun - no cherry pitters in this house.


 I'm terrible at following recipes (with the exception of baking, who needs them?!) so I sort of eyeballed these. I'm not a fan of overly sweet jam, so I cut the sugar a bit. If you're interested in jamming/canning/etc. I would get Ashley English's book - it's my favorite place to start.

Anyone have a favorite jam recipe? Next up is gingered blueberry ( a hit from last summer) but after that I'm in search of a new, fun recipe to try. Suggestions?

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