A moment

July 15, 2011
Today was a wickedly long day. A good day, but long. We're prepping for a lakeside wedding tomorrow afternoon, and I couldn't be more excited. When we finally finished our prep for the day, I spent a bit of time holding Alisa's sweet girl Sophia - smelling her head and letting her little cooing noises calm and relax me. Ahhh. Babies.

I pulled out of Alisa's driveway and called MR. I'm coming home, finally, hooray! And just as I was turning out onto W Prairie Avenue, I saw some very pretty things. So I pulled over.

I probably took close to 30 pictures...and they're pretty much all the same. It was so gorgeous, that I forgot my exhaustion, and just kept clicking away. I love moments like these.


  1. oh dear. these are STUNNING. seriously. well done.

  2. Oh, thank you! I'm so glad you commented - I love your blog!

  3. You have the gift of being able to see outside the small scope of the individual life. It's so rare, especially in times of stress. Thank you for sharing these pictures with us and reminding us to stop and focus out every once in a while.