Jet Planes & Lobsters

July 24, 2011

Hi friends! I'm writing from gate C11 in the Minneapolis airport - on my way to Maine! I can't wait for the lobster, beachside seashell hunts with Ryan and Kyra, family game nights, Acadia hike, Nellie's and Lilly's, and getting to spend some time relaxing with the hubs. I love my family - this week is just about the bees knees. And this year my sister and her boyfriend are coming too!

Want to check out what I've been up to this summer thus far?  Trezzi Farm Wedding, Casey & Alex, and our lovely Elk Point affair are just a few. Though it is a TON of work, I'm so so lucky to spend my long days being creative and exercising my Type A tendencies. :)

And of course there's always fun with Megan.

And fun with Beth.

Apparently, I have a lot of fun.

I'm off for vacation - have splendid week! :)

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