June 17, 2011
Lots of happenings in June...

 I turned 26! It was great. Reassessed my 30 Before Thirty, celebrated with Matthew and Bethany, received the perfect Juicer from Kathy (this bad boy requires a post dedicated entirely to it's magical properties) and...moved lots of boxes. Which leads me to...

 We moved! We rented a Uhaul and transitioned the two blocks down the street to our new little nest. I could write pages about our new place, but to make a long story short - I'm in love. Tons of natural light, clean crisp paint, and drumroll please....a kitchen that is literally 4 times larger than our previous tiny galley!

In other news, business is booming - both La Lune Events and my personal design work, Roy Joy Design have got our summer packed!  I am SO thankful that Bethany is living with us - she has a crazy impressive memory and her organizational skills are stellar. :) I keep joking that it's like living with a personal assistant...but really, she's amazing.

Now it's just 3 weddings and a few projects that stand between us and our family trip to Maine...counting down the days! Happy summertime, friends. :)

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