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June 3, 2011
Beth is WAY excited about the new house.
A couple weeks ago, Matthew and I were enjoying a Saturday morning of Farmer's Market, Doma coffee, and garage sales - completely unaware that our immediate futures would be changed dramatically. On the way home I spotted a sweet white house with a FOR RENT sign out front - and nearly caused a traffic accident by my abrupt stop. I hopped out of the car, and in true Kathy form, went right up to the man painting the front porch and decided that we should be great friends. Okay, well I really wanted to find out about the rental, but making friends is a bonus. Long story short - while we were not really planning on moving again while here in Spokane, we are now packing up our belongings and moving in this week! We love our new street, the location (we're closer to the park and Rockwood Bakery, so clearly I'm pleased - yet still down the street from where our beloved Trader Joe's is being built) and most of all, we really, really love the house. It's been beautifully cared for, and the wood floors, molding, carpets, closets, big kitchen!, and roomy basement are just the perfect size and condition for our little family. So while it's still empty right now, here are some pictures of our new place:

Kitchen, with hubs.

Sweet little bathroom - LOVE the light fixtures!

LOVE the front porch!


  1. It's SO adorable! I love the ironing board!

  2. Awesome, what an adorable little house!