June 28, 2011
While Matthew and I don't own a TV, we're aware of Chopped thanks to my sis in law Beth. A break from those screaming-chef reality shows and the Let's-hit-up-the-frozen-foods-section soccer mom cooking shows - Chopped is pretty imaginative. The judges reveal 5 random ingredients and the contestants have 40 minutes to create something masterful. (They also have access to a never ending pantry, pro kitchens/tools/cookware/etc.  which makes me giddy.) Cheetos, cotton candy, sardines, pralines, celery root, and other oddities are offered up to crazy good chefs and at the end the judges rate them on creativity, use of ingredients, taste, and presentation.

 Last night Beth and Matthew presented me with a paper bag filled with 5 ingredients and I was given an hour to create something a.) masterful and b.) edible. It was so much fun! So now on to the ingredients...

Ground Beef
Dried Apricots

As soon as I laid my eyes on these ingredients, my wheels started turning. And in the end, I ended up going with my initial thoughts...which ended up as:

Vegetable Meatloaf with an Apricot Tomato Glaze 
Polenta with smoked brie, honey drizzle and thyme
Salad from the garden, with julienned cucumbers, strawberries and a blueberry vinaigrette

I can't wait for next week! :)

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  1. You guys are so awesome! Great idea and, of course, fantastic presentation!!