Mother's Day, Redux

May 11, 2011
Happy Wednesday!

This week has been far more eventful that planned for - Matthew got sick, I split my forehead open in an act of absolute stupidity, I built a greenhouse and planted veggies , and the best news of all - I finished La Lune's new website! All that, plus lots of meetings have made this week feel super productive and packed.

Just the way I like it. :)

I neglected to write an actual Mother's Day post this weekend, 
so y'all get to hear about my fabulous Moms today. 
Mother's Day has been difficult for our family - my mother passed away 8 years ago from a horribly advanced case of breast cancer. I know people tend towards hyperbole after someone is gone, but really, she was the best. Every school field trip, concert, musical, awards ceremony - she was there, most of the time contributing some sort of culinary masterpiece. (I get my love of presentation and not following directions from her.) There was Halloween and her famous one needle costumes. 
Her knack for making the perfect salsa and her absolute love of music. 
She really was the best.
For the first few years I could barely leave the house on Mother's Day - afraid someone would ask me what gift I had gotten my mom, asking really anything related to moms was terrible to bear.  But over time I've gotten better - I can talk openly about it and have learned to celebrate 
Mother's Day right along with the rest of the world.
I'm very lucky, you see, to have someone that loves me just as much as my mom. 
My mom's best friend Kathy has been a part of our family for as long as I can remember. 
When my mom died she stepped in and truly became our surrogate parent and friend.
Nowadays I simply introduce her as my mom - not just because it's easier than explaining the whole drama of our family - but because I love her and she loves me; and being someone's daughter is priceless. 

So, although belated, I celebrate the wonderful moms in my life: my surrogate mom Kathy, my brave Aunt Peg, my matriarchal Aunt Susie, my inspirational Sister-in-Law Anna, and my beautiful Mother-in-Law Liz - and always my dear mom, who I will never stop celebrating. :)


  1. I absolutely love this post. Well put, Jessie! I celebrate all of your moms with you.

  2. You're a strong and talented woman!

    Great post!