I Heart Marching Bands

May 4, 2011

I'm working on a 1920's styled shoot - isn't this gorgeous?

Wow, Wednesday is it? I'm not sure what's with this week, but I'm almost positive it should be Friday. The weather has been downright wonky (clouds, hail, wind - BAM! SUN!), meetings a-plentiful, and we're still getting settled in after picking up my sis-in-law from college so she can spend the summer with us here in Spokane. I am exhausted. 

Today I woke up to the sounds of a peppy drum line, a classic tune, and sharp whistle bursts. Yep, our neighborhood high school's marching band was practicing their heel-toe walking down our street. While one might assume that this was not the ideal way to wake up, I actually loved it. It brought me back to my time in the marching band (yes, geek) at EDHS...the starchy uniforms, french braided hair....blue felt cowboy hats
Yes, I said cowboy hats.

How is your week going? Excited for Mother's Day? 
(If you're still looking for a yummy Mother's Day brunch recipe, check out my Foodzie post on Vanilla Almond French Toast with Lemon Balm Fruit Salad. It's really easy and very good!) 

Happy Wednesday folks.

3 said something:

  1. I LOVE that photo! Getting excited for our shoot!

  2. Yay marching bands! And blue felt cowboy hats!

  3. Funny thing- I live right next to a high school and often listen to the marching band in the evenings. I love it! Good luck with your new blog. It looks great! And, get some rest! xo



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