We're home, where are you Spring?

April 26, 2011
We're back from SF! I think I'm ready to chill out with the traveling...at least for the next three weeks. Since arriving home we've experienced our classic Spokane Disaster (whenever we come back from a trip, Spokane is not kind to us - disaster always ensues), a La Lune photoshoot, Easter, and lots of work and school!

It's been a quick transition from vacation to reality, but I'm actually enjoying getting back to my daily routine. Be warned, this is a photo heavy post! :)

And although I'm sad we couldn't join our family for Easter, we joined forces with our friends Megan and Kent who are also in Spokane for Grad school, and thus without family as well. We went over to their old Victorian and enjoyed Kebabs, good conversation, old school Nintendo, working on an exciting new project (more to come!) and lots of fun. 

In other exciting news, La Lune Events joined forces with a plethora of local talented vendors to produce a 1940's Aviation Engagement shoot - and it was amazing! Here are a few behind the scenes shots...keep your eyes open for the full shoot soon. A special thanks to Keri Doolittle for flying in from Denver and capturing all the fun. :)


  1. All very exciting. Looks like business is going well. That is so wonderful to hear! Are you from SF? That's my hometown! xo

  2. Thanks Robin! Yes, the business is going swimmingly. Our summer is packed! I'm originally from the Sacramento area (foothills - Placerville?) but have family that lives in the city. We are heartsick to move there...if only it wasn't so dang expensive! :)