Euro Trip: Part ll

April 11, 2011

Our next stop was Prague. We had heard that we would notice a difference in trains when going into the Czech Republic - we said goodbye to the sleek, smooth German trains and welcomed the rickety Czech trains that had plenty of character.

We climbed to the top of Prague Tower - the views were breathtaking! There was an encounter with a winding spiral staircase at the top of the tower...and I may have shed a tear or two. It brought me back to the infamous Moaning Caverns fieldtrip in the 6th grade....yikes.

We ventured into many beautiful and freezing cathedrals.

We moseyed across the Charles Bridge, taking in all the beautiful, though dark, religious icons on the Stations of the Cross.

We enjoyed afternoon lattes and drinking chocolate at an assortment of cute little cafes, tucked into back corners and down winding streets.

We crested the hill and checked out Prague Castle.

And then we'd cross the bridge again, and make our way to another part of town...

And of course celebrated with our sweet friend Christina! She's an old Westmont pal, and she absolutely made our time in Prague. It was so good to catch up and meet her amazing friends. We stayed in Mosaic House - and highly recommend it! 

Overall, we loved our time in Prague - great friends, people, food, and sights. 
Up next: Cesky Krumlov and Vienna! More to come. :)


  1. soooo lovely! you two look like you are locals with your cute style and all :) That first photo is breathtaking!

  2. Gorgeous pictures! I found you via Anna at IHOD and I'm a new follower :) Have a great day!

  3. Hi Dana! Thanks for following along - I love IHOD too. Your blog is beautiful! Ditto to the new follower. :)