We’re back from SF! I think I’m ready to chill out with the traveling…at least for the next three weeks. Since arriving home we’ve experienced our classic Spokane Disaster (whenever we come back from a trip, Spokane is not kind to us – disaster always ensues), a La Lune photoshoot, Easter, and lots of work […]

Euro Trip: Part ll

Apr 11, 2011

Our next stop was Prague. We had heard that we would notice a difference in trains when going into the Czech Republic – we said goodbye to the sleek, smooth German trains and welcomed the rickety Czech trains that had plenty of character. We climbed to the top of Prague Tower – the views were […]

It’s hard to begin when summing up such an adventure. It felt like we were gone for at least a month instead of a couple weeks, which doesn’t help when trying to think back and construct a coherent account of our time abroad. Also, while I took about a bazillion pictures, I’ll only post a […]