Hot chocolate on a stick

March 2, 2011
Yes, I know that yesterday's post was about chocolate too.  Can you tell that I'm having a stressful week? 

I'm writing some pieces for Foodzie and this company is one that I'm profiling - Ticket Kitchen. They make incredible Hot Chocolate on a Stick - and their descriptions alone make me want to throw down my computer and make a cuppa immediately. And what a great concept for a baby shower or winter gathering - a hot chocolate bar for guests. Yum.

And their pictures are dreamy too...perhaps when I'm in San Francisco next month I'll stop by and buy myself a bucket load. For now, join me in enjoying their photos. 

 UPDATE: I found the owner's blog where she outlines how to MAKE these beauties....Try it out!


  1. Ummm... this looks amazing. I'm obsessed with cocoa. Especially if it's extra chocoloatety! I prefer to think of it as a melted candy bar. Hope your week is a little less stressful!

  2. Don't they look yummy? I guess the bonus of still having snow is that we can drink hot chocolate whenever we please. :) And thanks - trying to wrap up all the loose ends before our big trip next week. Stressful...but SO worth it!

  3. Hollie, I hear you. Seriously - after reading about those darn sticks of chocolate that's ALL I wanted. It made it hard to get my work done... :)

  4. Aww I so could have one right now:) I love all things chocolate. Kisses and enjoy your Thursday

  5. Diana - I know, right?! They look SO good. :)