Hello Friday, I love you

March 4, 2011
Good old Cesky Krumlov, VIA
Happy Friday everyone! I am beyond thrilled that this week is over. How about you? :)

T Minus 6 days until we leave for our big trip and I'm finally feeling a bit more settled with our plans. (Cutting it kind of close, right?) We've found an apartment in Vienna so that's a major load off my shoulders. Thanks again for the outpouring of Vienna/Europe related info and suggestions - I really appreciate it!

This weekend would normally be spent packing, getting last minute supplies, etc. but as I am a crazy person this is what is currently on the schedule:

Friday: Meetings, work related errands
Saturday: All day photo shoot with the fabulous Suwanee and  Lindsey Rose Makeup.
Sunday: Continue covert Birthday planning operations for my sweetie - trust me, this is an all day job!

So there you have it. Come Monday I will be celebrating MR's birthday, shopping for last minute items, agonizing over what shoes to bring, and making sure we have all our travel papers, etc. together. MR keeps telling me that we need to be in work mode now, but then come Friday we can be as fancy free as we like!

I hope you have a restful and joyful weekend friends!


  1. Have a wonderfully busy weekend!! ANd what a trip to look forward too!

  2. Thanks Hollie! I really appreciated your sister's email too - she had a lot of good suggestions! I hope your weekend is nothing but lovely. :)