Wednesday Happiness: A Completed Checklist

February 16, 2011

Today a magical thing happened: I completed my entire checklist.
Can't you believe it?
True, one of those things was sending Valentines.
Yes, I realize it's the sixteenth.

There is nothing better than that feeling of crossing things off - one at a time - and then gazing upon that miracle that is the Completed Checklist.
Bonus: I got a bunch of books from Amazon and spent 30 minutes diving into Sarah Addison Allen's new novel. (True, her novels are girly and magical and Southern - and I love them!)

I hope your Wednesday was a wonderful as mine. For tomorrow I've got a recipe for you that I wrote myself! Don't get too excited - I'm no Julia or Martha - but I had fun and it's really, really yummy!


  1. I love those valentines! Super cute!

  2. Thanks Hollie! I had fun making them and the print shop can create snazzy scalloped edged cards - so all around it was pretty fun! :)

  3. I just started reading Garden Spells! Then I want to read the Sugar Queen next. I like her writing!

  4. Alisa, you will LOVE them! I read "The Girl Who Chased the Moon" in one day - it was SO good. I've got the Sugar Queen too if you want to borrow it!