Smoothies, Lists & Some Help

February 28, 2011

Happy Monday everyone! 
As I write the wind is screaming outside, and I have a sweet little pup snoring next to me. 
 Apparently more snow is in the way, too. Yikes.
I've got a big list for the week, but I'm feeling good. 
Europe is in less than 2 weeks, we just received our Eurorail Passes! 
But I really need some help: we had an apartment lined up for our time in Vienna, but it fell through. 
Have you been to Vienna? Suggestions?

Aside from trip planning, my sweetie's birthday is coming up next week and I've been doing some covert birthday planning...can't wait to surprise him! :)

I hope your Monday goes swimmingly.


  1. Europe, yea for you!! My sister has been; I sent your info her way!
    Happy cozy week=)

  2. Oh thanks Hollie! A happy, cozy week to you as well :) xoxo