Roy Joy Valentines

February 11, 2011

  I love the handmade. Making gifts by hand ensure they have that personal, authentic touch. This Valentine's Day I encourage all of you to make something for someone you love.

I hope your weekends are full of love!

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  1. of course you would have an adorable valentine idea!!

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  3. the doilies, stamps, shipping tags -- just some of my favorite things to work with. your photos are lovely. :)

  4. @Alisa: Thanks! I had all those supplies still laying around after our V-Day shoot, I thought I better put them to good use!

    @Katrina: I love working with these things as well - they are so versatile! Total dork moment: To my husband, "The Pugly Pixel Queen commented on my blog! I love her!" Yeah, I know, dork. :)

  5. Awww i love these images, went on Roy Joy Design and love the heart image on the front...can i send that to my sister as she loves little cute images? :) Please write back on my post or i'll never see it! Get confused with these @ silly things! <3

  6. Hi Pippa - I sent you an email! :)



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