Hey baby, I think I want to marry you

February 27, 2011

Yesterday we (La Lune Events) participated in the Custom Weddings Northwest event at the Lincoln Center in downtown Spokane. It was quite the event! Last night after we finished the  tear-down, my mind was full of the day's festivities:

Meeting  brides that shared our passion for rustic, DIY and personalized concepts...

Connecting with local (and regional) vendors - and planning some fun collaboration opportunities...

Sampling some seriously delicious appetizers thanks to the caterers involved...

Listening to the silky voice of Robby French and the fast paced jive of 6 Foot Swing...

But despite all the great things, I left a little crestfallen. The turnout was lower than expected, which in part may have been to the far-below freezing temperatures, but also because Custom Weddings is a fairly new event and people are still warming up to it. That, paired with the majority of the brides we met not quite understanding what we do - are you photographers? are you caterers? - I mean, yikes.

I left feeling even more puzzled about this thing called the Spokane Demographic. After hours of explaining that La Lune Events is an event design, planning and production company - and after hours of blank looks - we ended up just switching to the catch-all phrase: We're Wedding Planners. And this, to be honest, was a little disheartening. As a semi-outsider (and recent CA transplant) I am still learning what Inland brides and grooms are all about...here's to hoping we figure it out!

For some shots of our space, check them out here! Thanks CW Team for a beautiful, fun event. :)


  1. Well, that can be Spokane for you... I'm sorry, though. That's so frustrating. Don't lose heart, though! It will only get better!

  2. Thanks Amanda! Yeah, we've met some fabulous people and we're learning a lot about this crowd. Further up and further in! :)