Happy Weekend!

February 18, 2011

I just found out that this weekend is a holiday weekend. 
Yes, it's true.
Not having a TV or a desk job apparently means I'm out of the loop. 
I was already excited about the weekend, but now? 
Beyond thrilled - especially because it means that MR will be home for another whole day!
Every Friday morning we take a family walk to Rockwood Bakery for some coffee, 
then stroll through the pretty neighborhoods; 
catching up on the week's doings and what's to come next.
Right now we're putting the finishing touches on our Europe trip, 
so there's lots of foreign-language-learning talk. :)

For some fun weekend browsing...

You've probably seen this before, and I just found a fab new blog that I ADORE!

I'm in love and inspired by Angela's mission and photos...getting MR to go No Sugar? Dubious. 
Her blog is pure loveliness.

If you're fancying a French treat, try out Robin's Onion Bacon Tart. It looks so dang good! 
Or check out this lovely lady for some fabulous weekend recipes.

My bro is a Rincon Local! He's the one in the first picture. He's the best. 

Did you check out my recently finished project
I'm so proud - we were featured on Green Wedding Shoes!

Don't miss this killer download from Pugly Pixel, my FAVORITE design site out there. 

This looks YUMMY

Hope your weekend is the bees knees.


  1. Congratulations on being featured on Green Wedding Shoes!! That's SO awesome!!

    I'm super jealous of your family walks! We could take a family walk to a doughnut place, but I'm not sure it has the same charm! :)

  2. Thanks Nicole! We were so surprised and honored to be featured on GWS!

    Our family walks are definitely my favorite thing about Fridays. Coffee shop, doughnut shop - it's all good as long as you've got a fun walking buddy. :)