Happy Weekend!

February 18, 2011

I just found out that this weekend is a holiday weekend. 
Yes, it's true.
Not having a TV or a desk job apparently means I'm out of the loop. 
I was already excited about the weekend, but now? 
Beyond thrilled - especially because it means that MR will be home for another whole day!
Every Friday morning we take a family walk to Rockwood Bakery for some coffee, 
then stroll through the pretty neighborhoods; 
catching up on the week's doings and what's to come next.
Right now we're putting the finishing touches on our Europe trip, 
so there's lots of foreign-language-learning talk. :)

For some fun weekend browsing...

You've probably seen this before, and I just found a fab new blog that I ADORE!

I'm in love and inspired by Angela's mission and photos...getting MR to go No Sugar? Dubious. 
Her blog is pure loveliness.

If you're fancying a French treat, try out Robin's Onion Bacon Tart. It looks so dang good! 
Or check out this lovely lady for some fabulous weekend recipes.

My bro is a Rincon Local! He's the one in the first picture. He's the best. 

Did you check out my recently finished project
I'm so proud - we were featured on Green Wedding Shoes!

Don't miss this killer download from Pugly Pixel, my FAVORITE design site out there. 

This looks YUMMY

Hope your weekend is the bees knees.

2 said something:

  1. Congratulations on being featured on Green Wedding Shoes!! That's SO awesome!!

    I'm super jealous of your family walks! We could take a family walk to a doughnut place, but I'm not sure it has the same charm! :)

  2. Thanks Nicole! We were so surprised and honored to be featured on GWS!

    Our family walks are definitely my favorite thing about Fridays. Coffee shop, doughnut shop - it's all good as long as you've got a fun walking buddy. :)



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