Green is Good

February 13, 2011
 Green smoothies are not pretty.
But man, are they good. 
It makes me feel so virtuous - starting the stay out with fruits and veggies? 
And it really does taste amazing.
You can customize it however you like - just make sure you have fruits, veggies, and some sort of thickening agent - yogurt, banana, etc. 
Sometimes if I'm feeling fancy I add some fresh ginger....or even some cilantro. 
Listen, don't knock it until you try it!

Here's a simple recipe for a super green and super yummy smoothie.

1/2 cup plain yogurt
1 peeled orange
1/2 banana
handful of strawberries, blackberries, peach slices 
(this time of year, go with frozen)
5 large leaves of Kale, ribs removed
Water, as needed to thin out

Combine in blender. Pour into glass and enjoy!


  1. My Nursing School buddies and I used to make these with Spinach while we were studying! Brain food!

  2. Yeah, I love them! After seeing a particularly inspirational post on Bonzai Aphrodite, they've become more routine. :)