Candied Orange Slices with Dark Chocolate Drizzles

February 11, 2011

This time of the month there are a bazillion recipes 
out there for Valentine's Day sweet treats. 
And they all look delicious.
Red layer cakes.
Chocolate in every form imaginable.
As much as I would like to bake and sample all of the above, 
after my recent foray into truffle making I am
in the mood for something a bit different.
Enter the orange. 
During sunnier times the orange may feel a bit mundane. 
But people - it's February in Spokane, and an orange is the 
closest thing we have to the Sun.
Plus I figure the extra vitamins are an added bonus too. 
Add a drizzle of dark chocolate...and huzzah!
Valentine's Day redux.

Recipe and step-by-step instructions for sunny goodness after the jump!

 (click to enlarge & print just the recipe)



  1. YUM! I want some of these now!! Looks so delish!!!

  2. ooo! These look delectable. Would make a great gift too!

  3. @Alisa: I know, right? I just ate one...just for you, of course.

    @Mary: I was thinking the same thing - wrapped in wax paper, in a cute little box? Perfect. :)