Happy Monday everyone!  As I write the wind is screaming outside, and I have a sweet little pup snoring next to me.   Apparently more snow is in the way, too. Yikes. I’ve got a big list for the week, but I’m feeling good.  Europe is in less than 2 weeks, we just received our Eurorail […]

Yesterday we (La Lune Events) participated in the Custom Weddings Northwest event at the Lincoln Center in downtown Spokane. It was quite the event! Last night after we finished the  tear-down, my mind was full of the day’s festivities: Meeting  brides that shared our passion for rustic, DIY and personalized concepts… Connecting with local (and […]

  People, we are getting geared up for Custom Weddings – and we’re getting excited! CW is a newish Spokane event that brings together some of the top wedding professionals in the Inland Northwest. We were lucky enough to be invited to participate, and we’re prepping for a sweet show.  Part of that prep is […]

After sleepless nights, a number of things happen. First, my crankiness level is elevated.  My productivity, down. Way down.  Inclination to surf the web, sleep and watch Glee re-runs? At an all time high.  Cereal for lunch? Sure, why not.   I’ve been reading about fellow bloggers and their new babies –  and I must be […]

Only Good Things

Feb 22, 2011

Hello Tuesday! Well we’re back after a fabulously long weekend, and it’s a full week ahead. Alisa and I are prepping our La Lune Events booth for the Custom Weddings event this upcoming weekend, Matthew is wrapping up this quarter before we depart for Europe, and oh yeah – we’re getting ready to go to […]

Blog Update

Feb 20, 2011

Hey folks! We’re updating a few things around the ol’ blog this weekend…everything will (hopefully!) be spick n’ span come Tuesday. We’ll be back with some fun things…including fudgy French Macarons. (They were so good, I’m lucky MR let me take a picture…they were gone that fast.) Enjoy your holiday weekend! 

Love this

Feb 19, 2011


Happy Weekend!

Feb 18, 2011

VIA I just found out that this weekend is a holiday weekend.  Yes, it’s true. Not having a TV or a desk job apparently means I’m out of the loop.  I was already excited about the weekend, but now?  Beyond thrilled – especially because it means that MR will be home for another whole day! […]

Summer Jam Tart

Feb 17, 2011

The past few days I have been craving Summer fruit like a crazy woman. Unfortunately, as you all know – it’s February. So while I don’t have tons of fresh fruit readily available, I do have a TON of homemade jam from last Summer. Jars of Gingered Lemon Blueberry (an ode to my all-time favorite […]

Today a magical thing happened: I completed my entire checklist. Can’t you believe it? True, one of those things was sending out…..my Valentines. Yes, I realize it’s the sixteenth. There is nothing better than that feeling of crossing things off – one at a time – and then gazing upon that miracle that is the […]