To Veg or Not To Veg: Thoughts on Going Meatless

January 10, 2011

This past week as I was sitting down to plot out meals and groceries, I came across one of my new favorite cooking sites: 101 Cookbooks
Have you heard of it?
I love it. 
Vegetarian recipes that don't feel like vegetarian recipes. 
Beautiful photographs. Travel stories. Earth friendly happiness. 
"We're going vegetarian this week, " I advised Matthew. 
As the resident eater-of-all-things, there were no complaints from the husband.
Long story short: it was fabulous. 
Amazing, delicious, and not once did I miss the meat. 
So it got me thinking: while I'm not prepared to go whole hog and 
renounce all meat - hello, sushi?! - it's really not hard in the least 
to forgo it in our daily lives. 
I figure it's cheaper, healthier, and friendlier.
I'm not getting preachy here - I'm not against people eating meat, I promise. 
But for us, right now, eating a primarily vegetarian diet seems to work.
Check out some of our favorite 101 recipes:

If you have a favorite vegetarian recipe, I'd love to hear it!


  1. Thanks for sharing the cooking site. I tend to go with easy/fast meals, so I really like Sam the Cooking Guy's "Spaghetti with Spinach and Blue Cheese" (but I make it with feta instead of blue cheese). Here's the link:

    I also like his marscapone pasta:

  2. So I'm reading the comment above and I'm thinking, "marscapone pasta! What a coincidence! I just had that at Sarah's house last week!" And *then* I look up and see who left the comment. So, not so much of a coincidence after all. :)

    I recommend LaVonne Neff's blog: she has published a number of posts that feature go-to menus for the part-time or beginning vegetarian. Hmm. Maybe I should try one of these tonight.