People, it's Happening!

January 18, 2011
Right now I am giving three cheers, huzzah-ing, and shouting out Hoorays to anyone that will listen. MR and I have just finished (finally!) solidifying our trip across the Pond come March! We're taking full advantage of MR's ample Spring Break and escaping this frozen winter wonderland. (Although the weather abroad may be just as frosty, I figure European frost is infinitely better than Spokane frost.)

We fly from Seattle to Frankfurt and then on to Leipzig, Dresden, Prague (YAY!) and we'll end in Vienna. We're utilizing the fantastic deal that is the Euro Rail Pass, so we'll get to check out lots of little places along our way. We are so excited! As people who have a real-live-desire to actually LIVE abroad, we consider these smaller trips as research for narrowing down the search. 

So now I'm on to planning out our day-to-day fun stuff....and figuring out what to pack!

Any suggestions / places you love / etc.? Please share!

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  1. So EXCITING!!! You are going to love Prague! I recommend seeing the Torture Museum (really disturbing; but absolutely fascinating) and the Communist Museum (sounds boring but it was so interesting). Both are in Prague. Oh, and I totally regret not seeing a marionette show while there so I think you should do that too. So fun!