A Blessing In Disguise

January 6, 2011
A few days ago: 
I was patting myself on the back for making it through the entire holiday season untouched by sickness, despite spending lots of quality time with sick little kiddos. 
Hooray for a strong immune system!

Oh no. Oh dear no. Holy Toledo, say it isn't so.
Aches. Pains. Stuffy Head. 
6:30 p.m. bedtime

This Morning: 
While I'm definitely sick - I've discovered the silver lining. 
I have 100% finished my very first knitted scarf! 
I have knit numerous projects...but never completely finished them. 
This yarn was given to me by my dear friend Amanda, 
and it's knobbly weave is really quite forgiving for novice knitters. 
While zonked on the couch I finally figured out the art of casting off and tadaa - completed scarf.

So while being sick is preventing me from starting most of my New Year's projects, 
completing this scarf felt like a mini miracle - and I was 
able to cross off another thing on my 30 Before Thirty
I'm so grateful for blessings in disguise. 


  1. Can you teach me now? LOL!
    I gave up on my scarf and moved on to baby booties...yikes!

  2. yay for you! glad you finished your first scarf!