Hello friends! Today Roy Joy celebrates our 200th post – and to celebrate we’re giving away an original Roy Joy Design creation. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, a lucky winner will receive  an 8 x 10  “Under the Stars” print! TO ENTER: 1. Become a follower!  See that little box to the right?  Just […]

Hello, weekend! So glad you are here.  Morning meeting at Atticus coffee. Thrifting with Megan! Vintage dress perusing for our upcoming collaboration shoot. Truffles with Alisa – yum. 🙂 And perhaps trying out Beef Bourguignon a la Chow Life? And as always I will gladly accept cups of steaming tea, roaring fireplaces and snuggling on […]

  Aren’t these adorable? Well happy Thursday – they’re available over here for free download! 


Your Song

Jan 21, 2011

  I love this quote, and just wanted to share! I hope you have someone in your life that sings you your song when you have forgotten.

In the graphic design world Pantone colors are king. In my world cookies are king. Combine the two and it’s Helllllllllooooo fabulousness: 

Right now I am giving three cheers, huzzah-ing, and shouting out Hoorays to anyone that will listen. MR and I have just finished (finally!) solidifying our trip across the Pond come March! We’re taking full advantage of MR’s ample Spring Break and escaping this frozen winter wonderland. (Although the weather abroad may be just as […]

It’s True:

Jan 17, 2011

There are two camps regarding facial hair – compatriots for the clean shaven, and the rest of us. Although I would draw the line at Handlebar-like curly ques…

Do me a favor – believe me when I say that this is one of the most delicious recipes I’ve ever come across/retooled to my own taste. This one was inspired by Heidi’s Yin & Yang Salad – I first made this salad following her recipe exactly, but then I decided to add a bit […]