When I think back on 2011, I’m overwhelmed with the amount of CHANGE in our lives. We embraced January 1st, 2011 on the floor of a friend’s guest bedroom, sharing one pillow, missing our family, and trying to find a plumber on New Year’s Day to fix our frozen pipes. It was not fun. It […]

(Thanks Pinterest!) This just about covers it, don’t you think?  Whenever you get in a funk, make a list of all the things you’re thankful for and I promise, you’ll feel much better.  Try it out. xoxo

Operation Stay At Home for Christmas was a shining success! I won’t deny experiencing moments of doubt, like say when we were Face Timing with family in Altadena or when Anna texted me a picture of all the siblings together. ( Moment of panic: how can we do this, be all alone up here in […]

This morning I woke up feeling like a little kid. I laid in bed, my body vibrating with excitment and my mind willing Matthew awake. I gave him until 6:15, then I started in. “MR! It’s Christmas! It’s light outside! Let’s get up!” “Jessica, it is not light outside. That’s a strong street light bouncing […]

Christmas 2011

Dec 25, 2011

Since Matthew and I are on our own this Christmas, we really wanted to be as celebratory as possible. This includes, but is not limited to: spontaneous Christmas music infused dance parties, reading Christmas stories, snow angels, and watching classic Christmas movies (as previously explained).  And of course making reeaally good food. This morning we […]

Merry & Bright

Dec 24, 2011

When I was a kid, Christmas Eve was a big deal. Growing up in a divorced household with multiple families to see the next day, Christmas Eve was always my favorite. Our family would gather at my grandmother’s house early in the afternoon and we would play games, enjoy culinary adventure (let’s just say that foods made […]

Post Update 12/3/17: well it’s been six years with these stockings and I still love them! I never ended up embroidering our names, but with a little hot glue gun action I added our initials in red felt. Have you made these? I’d love to hear about your experience! xoxo Growing up, stockings always trumped […]

Friends, I am so excited to share with you our Christmas Pictures this year! We aren’t the sort of people to get formal pictures taken all the time, but Megan of Easy Dreamer Photography offered to capture our Holiday festivity – and we LOVE them! Matthew and I realized that the last decent photos of […]

Yesterday I spent a few foggy hours surrounded by sugar cookies, frosting, edible glitter, cranberry mimosas, lovely conversation and all out frivolity. My dear friend Pam lives in a gorgeous Victorian home that is more amazing than I can say – most of the year it is a premiere wedding venue here in the Northwest. […]