To Ventura we go!

June 27, 2010

This morning it's off to Southern California for the Roys - to visit our amazingly sweet Hoskings. We are so thankful to have them in our lives - we could not ask for better family. And the move up North means that we'll be even further away...but they're travel bugs, so hopefully they'll be up our way soon!

In the meantime - while I realize that most of my posts have revolved around food lately (it's summertime bbq season!) I wanted to leave you with a great recipe from Gourmet - grilled sweet potatoes with a lime cilantro vinaigrette. Very, VERY good!


It's Hot, Go Cold!

June 26, 2010
Confession: Yes, I realize this is the second consecutive post about ice cream. I'm an adult child of ice cream addiction.

Joy the Baker is one of my new favorites to follow...and she's downright hysterical. Do me a favor - please go read her post It's Hot. Go Cold. Please just do it, you'll thank me. Here are some photos to get you excited...


It may be bad form, but YUM!

June 25, 2010
After posting about my last day...and feeling rather down, I immediately came upon this deliciously amazing post via cannelle et vanille - and it made me happy. Check out her wondrous recipes for Butterscotch Smoked Almond, Raspberry Vanilla and Peach Basil frozen treats - don't they look amazing!?

These may be just the ticket to lift my spirits...

The BIG Day

Today's Spokane Countdown is a special's my LAST day at Mercy! Yesterday the marketing team took me out for delicious French food to celebrate my departure and now it's just a matter of wrapping up a few last projects and turning in my badge.

As I was going through all the documents on my computer I cam across some old photos that I had forgotten even existed... like when Numi was a tiny lad:

And when my brother was not only working for Patagonia but modeling for them too:

It makes me realize that I've been here, at this place, for a long time...and I'm going to miss it!

So today is mingled with sadness and excitement...and it even rained. 
(Which I love, by the way - Matthew woke up this morning and said: "look hon, it's raining for you." Ah, love him. )
Happy Friday everyone!

Summer lovin

June 23, 2010
I have spent the past few weeks planning a summer soiree to take place this Saturday - and I'm just putting on the finishing touches. Paper lanterns, linens, seating cards, summer bbq, ice cream sandwiches, good friends, cool drinks, and lots of fun! This time of year there is ample online inspiration, and I thought I'd share a few of the photos that got my wheels turning...
 photos via Country Living & Real Simple


Weekend Fun

June 22, 2010
Numi, taking Matthew for a walk
 Afternoon playdate

Backyard iced coffee with mom
 Father's Day lunch
Concert in the park...well you can't see the concert here, but MR is pretty darn handsome...

 ...and the swinging of cute little monkeys named 
Kyra and Ryan

Busy, yet blissful.

Happy Monday!

June 21, 2010
Happy Monday folks! I have officially begun my last week at Mercy, and the reality of leaving is still hitting me. Even making my way through the Monday morning traffic brought up a sense of nostalgia - but then I told myself to get a grip and to quit letting my morning commute make me weepy about moving. So many things going on, my head is spinning. In the midst of everything I'm self-medicating by devouring episodes of Bones, leafing through decor books (and consequently dreaming about the new house), and playing with the new camera. Tomorrow I'll post some photos of the newly remodeled house, our adventures with Numi, and some fun shots from around our little town.

Also, check out my new website! I've spent that last few months developing the business plan, website, etc., and am excited to launch
{la lune} events once we relocate to Spokane. It is an event design and coordination outfit that specializes in boutique events - and I'm so excited! It's a way for me to channel my detail-oriented tendencies with my creative passions, and I'm looking forward to exploring the new market that Spokane will provide. Shameless plug: if you're in the Spokane area and would like to inquire about a complimentary events package - please email me at!

Tonight it's off to dinner with a dear family friend...and another round of goodbyes. Let the countdown continue!

Let's hurry up....and wait

June 18, 2010
 my ode to our little town

It's Friday and we're one week closer to the big move. Last night I couldn't sleep...I just laid there listening to the fan, the flapping plastic (thank you house remodel) and thought about all the brand new things that are waiting for us up in Washington: new house, job, school, friends, mountains, thrift stores, restaurants, church, adventures. I can hardly sit still with the excitement of it all - and albeit the occasional panic attack that somehow everything is going to fall through - I'm fairly accepting of all the unknowns that await us. My coping mechanism is dreaming about new house decor, mentally plotting out my new vegetable garden, and remembering with joy the little Spokane beauties like my delicious Rockwood Bakery latte and scone.

But as we creep closer to our departure, I can't help but be reminded of what we have built and fostered here in Roseville - our family, friends, neighbors, jobs, and our precious church -  things that will not be easy to leave. We have loved our time here, and the people we have been close to. This last week and a half will be spent in fellowship over dinners, outings, and family time. I feel myself wanting to squeeze every little bit of time left out of our family and friends...because I know that once we move, and the dust settles, and the job hunt continues...I will be prone to homesickness. And folks, I get that reeeeal bad.

But for now we're still here, in our familiar little town, with our loved ones, half remodeled house and all. Everything may be in a disarray of boxes and packing materials, but we're trying to enjoy our last little bit of time in the California sun.

She's heeeeeeeere!

Again with me and identifying inanimate objects as female...but whatever. The new camera is here! No longer will we have to fight our stubborn sometimes-I'll-flash-but-sometimes-I-won't-camera! No longer will be have to spend 10 minutes editing a picture just to get it to look "okay." No longer will our pictures look like we gave the camera to a toddler! (Well, hopefully...I'm still learning...)

We finally decided on the Nikon D90 after dancing around whether to go Nikon or Canon. So far, I love it! I've been reading the manual like it's some sort of sacred text and snapping photos of anything I see.
 Me and my trusty manual!

While I explained that it was an honor to be my first model, Numi wasn't impressed...

Look forward to better pictures! Yahoo!

Cooking Trick

June 17, 2010
As much as I love to cook, bake, and generally experiment in the kitchen, I am painfully unaware of some basic culinary idioms. Today I'll admit to this one: I'm never sure how many cups are in a quart, ounces in a cup, etc., etc. As I read this post on The Kitchn, my head nodding in agreement, I thought it would be nice to pass it along to you - a little trick to remember your cups vs. quarts ratios....

So there's:
2 Cups in a Pint
2 Pints in a Quart
4 Quarts in a Gallon

See, easy as pie!


June 16, 2010

Yes, I'm channeling Liz Lemon. As soon as I laid my eyes on this beautiful handcrafted stamp, I was immediately swept away in a daydream/montage of me, writing letters to our far off friends, telling them about our new city, adventures, and house, and sealing the deal with this beautiful return address stamp. While there are geekier things to daydream about...I'm pretty sure this one is up there. Once we're settled in Spokane I'm going to buy this stamp via Primele and get writing!

Check out her other designs as well:

*UPDATE: check out their snazzy new site:


I have to share

June 15, 2010
Aside from being a truly brilliant king-of-all-nerds, brother, son, husband, and string-figure enthusiast (read: king of all nerds), Matthew is my best, best friend. Every birthday we writes me pieces of music, constructs elaborate handmade cards, and now writes things like this.

Could I be more blessed?!

Just had to share.

Latest Find

Check out my latest find from the ever-so-wonderful antique faire! 
Isn't she adorable?
{Yes, I give my antiques a gender identity.}
My rule was not to buy anything too fragile that might break in the move, and nothing too heavy (read: must stay away from large vintage iron printing press tables) - and this little beauty fit within both rules. 


Our New Home!

June 12, 2010
Oh Spokane, I love you already. Thanks you for the good weather while house hunting, for the coffee shop beauties, for the beautiful neighborhoods, for the new friends, for the lilac gardens, and for so much more. We'll see you in a couple weeks!


For Dads everywhere

June 11, 2010

I came across this crazy cool idea on Oh Happy Day - a “Hero Supplies” kit for your hero-of-a-Dad. 

It’s a creative DIY project for father’s day that any dad would appreciate – my favorite is the bag of breath mints that “Freshens Breath – 4 of 5 damsels agree!”



The fourth of June

June 4, 2010

Today I turn the big 2-5.

Last night Matthew and I made a HUGE two-tiered chocolate cake. I’m normally not such a cake fanatic, but for some reason I always feel the urge to bake something marvelous on my birthday. We’re going to assemble the thing tonight and cover it in homemade cocoa frosting and sliced almonds. Yum…..

While we were baking Matthew asked me what I had hoped to accomplish by the time I turned 25. It’s a pretty normal question, but it really got me thinking. There are so many things in my life that I never could have guessed would be here – wonderful, complicated, painful, joyful – really the whole gamut. Not to get all “as I look back over my long life” on you, but as I reflect on my 25 years I feel such a sense of journey. I am a different person now than I was at 20, thank God. I’ve met new people, said goodbye to others, moved around, started jobs, tried new things, and learned a lot. On the brink of a new adventure, I feel contemplative about the new risks I will take and the ways in which I will grow - and I'm excited!

But I didn’t really answer Matthew’s question. And I realized that in the past I’ve felt trepidation about making a “bucket list” of sorts. As lame as it sounds, I’m tentative about making declarations that I’m not sure will come to completion. But I’ve realized that just because we’re not able to complete every goal (i.e. do everything perfectly) doesn’t mean that we’re quitters.

So…I’m making my list. To be posted soon!