Thoughts on Simplicity

November 8, 2010

As we enter this fabulously festive time of year, I'm reminiscing on my annual goal of saying sane during the holidays. That coinciding with my recent perusal of our Christmastime London pictures, and I'm waxing on the benefits of Simplicity. For a few months now MR and I have been trying to simplify as much as possible. Inspired by our stay in London, we're considering downsizing to one car, taking a better look at our cell phone plan (and while I've been pining away for an iphone, I've decided that's a luxury I can live without for now), and a host of other things that seem a bit excessive for our current lifestyle.

Some things that I'm endeavoring...

1. Turning off my cell phone - this is a hard one for me!

2. Checking email twice daily...and generally 
spending less time online. 

3. Going to bed early.

4. Creating a weekly meal plan/shopping list - saves money and the nightly dilemma of "what are we going to eat?!"

5. Continue to purge as much unneeded clutter as possible. Less "stuff" is always good!

6. And generally trying to use less. I love thinking about our tiny London flat - no car, no dishwasher, no cell phones - 
and we were happy!

In what ways do you simplify?

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  1. Sam and I haven't had a TV for almost 6 months now and we still have no burning desire to get one. If we want to watch our favorite shows, we have hulu and netflix, and in the mean time don't spend hours watching things we never really wanted to watch in the first place.