Thoughts on Foodzie: My November Tasting Box

November 20, 2010

I got my free November Sample Box from Foodzie this morning, and it did not disappoint. For one thing, you should know that I jump up and down whenever I receive a package of any sort in the mail. It's like Christmas! So that, in addition to waffles with MR, made my Saturday morning just perfect. Then - to open the box and discover an array of gourmet goodies - yum! Part of the deal with Foodzie Sample Boxes is that they like you to give feedback, so I thought I'd share it with you all as well. If you have a foodie in your life, check out their site - they have amazing products that are great for Christmas, etc.

Read our reviews after the jump!

Product #1: Alfajores Cookies / Maitelates, Ann Harbor MI
Foodzie Description: Local Michigan milk is combined with sugar in a copper kettle and transformed into a milk preserve, dulce de leche. The creamy, sweet spread is layered between two buttery shortbread cookies and enrobed in dark chocolate from a local chocolatier.
Roy Joy Verdict: Matthew and I both loved these. It's really quite difficult to not love something that is "enrobed in dark chocolate." My only comment is that if you're wanting the dulce de leche flavor to be paramount, then you may want to find something without the addition of the dark chocolate. Overall - delicious and decadent.

Product #2: Heirloom Cranberry Beans / Zursun Beans, Twin Falls ID
Foodzie Description: A hearty variety of heirloom beans grown on a small-scale farm in South Central Idaho. Used in Italian, Spanish and Portuguese cuisine, cranberry beans are plump, pale pink with Maroon markings. They have a rich, earthy, yet sweet mild flavor.
Roy Joy Verdict: While we couldn't just pop one of these beans into our mouths for a taste, they look beautiful and we can't wait to try out the recipe that Foodzie included for Italian Rice Salad with Heirloom Cranberry Beans. I do appreciate that they included a whole, unprocessed food in our box along with the sweet treats. :)

Product #3: Bacon Peanut Brittles / The Redhead, New York NY
Foodzie Description: This standout bar snack from an East Village neighborhood restaurant in NYC is more savory than sweet. Crunchy peanuts are tossed lightly with maple syrup, a dash of cayenne, thyme and small chunks of salty, smoky bacon.
Roy Joy Verdict: These little bursts of salty-sweet-bacony-goodness really gave us a whipping. Granted, as I write this it is still technically the morning, so we should have better prepared ourselves for this hearty bar snack. This product is not really a brittle but more of a loose mix of nuts with chunks of caramelized bacon and maple bits. I myself am more of a sweet-salty person, wishing that the maple had been more dominant than the bacon, but if bacon rules your world, then this is your go-to snack. 

Product #4: Parmesan Flatbreads Little Ragghi's, Ocean City MD
Foodzie Description: A simple but addictive cracker topped with peppery extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, and sprinkling of exceptionally good Parmesan cheese. A percentage of each sale goes to the Native American community to celebrate the company's namesake, Raggatha.
Roy Joy Verdict: These are amazing! Comparable to a pita chip, these crackers are WAY better in our opinion. Not as jaw-achingly hard as some pita chips, very flavorful, not greasy - the perfect companion for hummus or any other dip or topping. We loved them!

Product #5: Fleur de Sel Caramel Popcorn / 479°, San Francisco CA
Foodzie Description: This sweet and salty snack starts with locally-sources organic heirloom popcorn kernals popped in heavy copper kettles. While it's still warm, the popcorn in tossed with a buttery organic caramel and delicate, flaky fleur de sel. 
Roy Joy Verdict: AMAZING. Light, not too sweet, crunchy but not stale - this popcorn was better than any kettle corn you've ever had - seriously, try it!

Thanks Foodzie for making our Saturday morning spectacularly wonderful - sampling gourmet foods in front of the fire is just what we needed! :)