A New Season

November 14, 2010

Well folks - we're back! Seattle was restful, fabulous, freezing, adventurous, and wonderful. Matthew and I explored the city during the day, enjoying old favorites like the market, Ethiopian food and great book stores. We walked everywhere and enjoyed being bundled up, clasping hands and holding warm drinks while enduring the very cold weather. After five Amanda joined us for IKEA, Sushi night, the symphony, and fun times watching movies and just hanging out. Pictures coming soon...

Highlights from the trip:
1. Walking through IKEA and emerging having spent under $20.
My only explanation is Divine Intervention.

2. Matthew actually enjoying our Sushi dinner - another thing crossed off my 30 List!

3. Sitting second row center for the symphony - Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto in B flat Minor was phenomenal. The pianist's fingers actually blurred before our eyes!
Matthew was in heaven.

4. Ethiopian food! Enat's did not disappoint. I love going back there two years later and having the same woman as before serve us the delicious food - family run businesses are the best!

5. Breakfast at 5 Spot and our Trader Joe's run.
(Oh Trader Joe's, how oh how do I live
without you here in Spokane?!)

So now we're back home and I'm getting excited for snow, Thanksgiving,
and seeing the family. 
Thanks Amanda for such a wonderful trip!

with love, j

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