First Snow of the Season

November 18, 2010
 As I type, the snow is falling and the fire is roaring; my peppermint tea is cooling and the dog is snoring beside me. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present: Our First Snow! Well, not really our first snow, but as CA transplants we've been waiting for the much-talked about winter madness that will hit the Northwest - and this morning we're starting to get a taste...With a high of 34 degrees today we should see snow for awhile, and on Saturday we're in for a low of 5. That's right FIVE degrees. Those are the days where snuggling, hot cocoa, and the fire are the only available options - and I'm totally fine with that. :)

Numi likes to watch the snowflakes fall...

with love, j

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  1. Love the snow! So happy to see it...I grew up here, moved some places, then moved back and I still am mesmerized by falling snow!