Dress Up

October 5, 2010

Tomorrow I get to do something fabulously fun. 
A little girl's dream come true.
I get to wear a pretty dress and get my picture taken! 
And although I'm a twenty-something adult, 
dress up is still oh-so-fun.
This afternoon Alisa and I are going to Storybook Bridal in CDA to pick up a few wedding gowns to use for our photoshoot with Maryangelo photography!
Tomorrow we, along with three other fabulous ladies, will get our hair/makeup done and get to dress up for
La Lune's first photoshoot. 
We'll be shooting in the park, around town,
really anywhere we can!
Normally I'm not gushy about girly-type things...
but I just can't help myself... :)

Look out for some behind-the-scenes photos
from the shoot tomorrow...

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