Radio Silence & Recent Happenings

September 10, 2010
Sorry about the radio silence this past week. Our business has leaped into the realm if mega-busy, and there's a ton to do. And then there's the flurry of etsy orders too (wahoo!). Amidst all the craziness, some really wonderful things have occurred. 
Reconnecting with my best friend Katie.
Patting myself on the back for (almost!) creating a whole new
flash site for La Lune.
Welcoming Erik back from his travels in Alaska. 
Having a brief chat with my brother, who lived in Ventura- these little beauties just make my day. 

Crazy times or not - Summer has just flown by, and I'm really starting to feel the changing of the seasons. Cloudy days, leaves already starting to change, and it's still freaking me out to see Halloween costumes and decorations everywhere. And Christmas is right around the corner!

We've been enjoying the end of Summer...being outdoors, antique faires, enjoying visits from parents, and taking full advantage of the loveliness from Alisa's garden.
Here's Kath and I at the Funky Junk show.

Have a fabulous weekend!

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  1. so cute! love the grange backdrop...great to meet you!