September 17, 2010

Looking Ahead

Today marks the end of the last full week of Summer for the Roys - yes, it appears we've already progressed into the rainy season up here, but next week Matthew officially starts his Master's program at Eastern Washington University. To be back in school again is a dream come true for Matthew - we've spent the last three years trying to find the right program...and after many closed doors, here we are, perched on the edge of a whole new season of life. 
For Matthew this means papers, (more) books, teaching Music for Humanities, grading papers - in other words, academic heaven. He has already met scores of folks who have been encouraging, welcoming, and just downright fun. 
He's thrilled.
As for me - I will continue on my small business venture with Alisa. 
I feel so blessed to spend my days working on projects and events where I am able to tap into my creative brain and thrive. 
As the events roll in, I am thankful that this sort of busy leaves me feeling recharged and excited for the next event. 
Alisa has been an amazing addition, and the more we work together, I am evermore convinced of our dynamic-duo-powers. 
So this next season is a brand new one for both of us...starting new things that we've dreamed about, working hard, and (hopefully!) reaping the benefits. 

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  1. What a lovely post my dear! I am so thrilled that you have found meaningful, creative work that leaves you feeling energized and uplifted. (That's my goal- and i know you can sympathize :) ) I'm also really excited about this new chapter in your life! I can't wait to see how everything unfolds for you in Washington. Keep blogging, it gets me through my day!
    All my love, Meg


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