September 27, 2010
Today I actually did my hair, even though I was working from home all day, and as sad as this sounds - it made me feel glamorous. And that got me thinking...yikes, this is really sad - I should make an effort more often...

And that got me thinking about my favorite glamour icons from the 1930's - in particular Myrna Loy, who always did her hair and looked fabulous. 

Clever, sassy, sexy, smart, opinionated - oh Myrna, you're my heroine. And I mean you're like a hero...not like the drug. Though I am pretty addicted to the Thin Man movies.


  1. Oh, I totally love Myrna Loy and the Thin Man films too! How did we not discover this common love in college?


  2. Oh Krista - we could have had Thin Man parties! I love how those two banter back and forth..and of course Aster. :)