The Red Barn Antique Show

August 30, 2010
 This past weekend we decided to take my inlaws to the Red Barn Antique show down in Cheney - and they loved it. It was kind of like a mini Farm Chicks show, with vendors, really good food, live music, and plenty of rustic farm treasures. While we strolled around we were treated to the musical stylings of the "Honeybuckets" - a group of middle aged men wearing vests and doing cover songs. Hilarious. I found a few antique aprons and some things for the shop, and tasted the most delicious lemon cookies EVER. Overall, I say it was worth driving the last 7 miles on that dusty dirt road...
The sky is so BIG up here!

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  1. The clouds in this photo are amazing! What a beautiful place. I want to be there!